The Company

With over three decades in the Construction Project Management Consulting industry, ANP was one of the first companies in the country to offer Management Services for construction projects.

Today, ANP is a team of nearly 100+ qualified, dedicated, and motivated technical and non-technical personnel. The company is always on the look out for new concepts and technologies that can fortify buildings, save time, and ensure safety at site. The quest for excellence continues.

ANP has contributed to the improved performance, efficiency and profitability of hundreds of clients in a wide spectrum of projects. Being the pioneers in the field of Construction Project Management consulting, many industry standards created by them have been emulated by others.

Our Services include mapping client requirements to planning/strategy to project designing to vendor management to quality control to auditing to bill checking to certification to safety of workforce amongst other services.

Our Projects include a wide spectrum of buildings including Hotels, Commercial Complexes, Residential Apartments, Institutions, IT buildings, Industries, Malls, Green buildings amongst others.

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