Logo Philosophy

Since its inception, ANP has been synonymous with trust, quality, ethics, a focused customer centric approach, robust engineering, in-house R&D and transparency in all spheres of conducting business. ANP evokes “trust” – the dividend paid for years of honesty and dedication.

Our primary color ‘terracotta’ used in the logo, is a homage to Mother Earth, the lifeline of the construction world. It is our responsibility to respect and care for Mother Nature. We at ANP, are committed to be resource-efficient and environmentally responsible, thus focusing on a sustainable future.

The ‘black square’ represents the core of our business – Construction Project Management. As a pioneer in the Construction Project Management Consultancy industry, we are dedicated towards striving for excellence in providing an end-to-end project management experience to our clients.

The ‘four converging arrows’ signify the four indispensable pillars in any construction project; Clients-Consumers-Contractors-Consultants. Our endeavor is to collaborate with the 4 C’s, with one mind and one vision of Quality, Reliability and Trust.

The ‘four diverging arrows’ symbolize successful outcomes for our clients by maximizing value and efficiency by following ‘Lean’ practices.

Combining our construction industry insights, hands-on experience, myriad expertise and customer-centric approach, we at ANP, resolutely take every step with our clients, in taking projects to greater heights.