The evolution of the CPMC industry over the last thirty years and has taught ANP the importance of optimally managing Materials, Machines and Manpower along with a host of other processes. At every stage of project life cycle, the principles of pro-activeness and creating a win-win situation are necessary keeping in mind customers’ requirements. ANP has refined their supervision process to deliver excellence to clients. They understand the problem at hand and define the path that’ll lead to desired goals.

Choose ANP to manage and deliver a construction project On-Time, On-Cost and On-Quality.

Professional Integrity


We believe that any business is weak without professional integrity. Our team prioritizes this key characteristic of professionalism before knowledge and experience.



Geographic Expanse


Our operations are spread across the Indian subcontinent and have executed projects in multiple states.





We maintain a bird’s eye view, or SUPER-VISION over every single process across lengths and breadths of CPMC, which makes us class apart in the industry.




Industry Verticals


Our projects span Hospitality, Commercial Complexes, Residential Apartments, Education Institutions, IT buildings, Industries, Malls, Green buildings and other sectors.
Value Add


We have contributed to the improved performance, efficiency and profitability of hundreds of clients in a wide spectrum of projects.



Technology HandsOn


Being pioneers in the industry for over three decades, we have worked and have hands-on experience with numerous construction technologies.