Quantity Surveying


Proper quantification under the appropriate heads matching the tenders is a key requisite to manage the cost of the project. Proper quantity surveying is necessary to ensure that accuracy is maintained while evaluating the bills submitted fairly, and in line with the specifications and tender conditions. We, as Construction Managers, ensure that adequate support by way of quantity surveying is provided to all the sites we manage.

We have dedicated staff associated with each project for focus on QS work. These dedicated resources focus on being fair in the interpretation of the bills in the light of actual work done supported by accurate measurements, matching with the drawings submitted, the specifications stated and, the estimates drawn. This helps us be fair, consistent and keep a tab on the costs.

A set of QS members form part of the Contract Cell, and, also ensure that the best practices associated with QS are kept up to date and timely knowledge transfer of these practices is done to the site level QS operatives. The databases we build, helps our site operatives to check the work done on site with established benchmarks and provide adequate and timely direction for rate analysis of all items including non-tendered items.

The central team is also responsible for ensuring the rules of interpretation as certified by the IS codes and other building codes are communicated to all site teams for consistent application of the rules relating to QS.