Project Scope Management Stage


Immediately upon appointment as the Construction Manager for a project, we stress on articulating the explicit and implicit needs of the customers. These needs are then studied in detail vis-à-vis the site conditions, environmental factors, available pool of expertise among contractors both local and from outside, the local municipal laws and the procedural requirements of obtaining approvals. This helps us identify a set of constraints likely to determine the project progress. The constraints coupled with a clear set of valid assumptions, helps identify the overall scope of the project and, the specific role each of the stakeholders in the project plays.

In this stage, we rely on our previous experience to add value by clearly defining the interfaces between the various stakeholders to ensure a hindrance free allocation of work. The primary responsibilities in discharging work where overlaps occur, are also clearly defined to help in creating a responsibility matrix. This is followed by a preliminary risk assessment matrix, with mitigation plans for reference during execution. This risk matrix is constantly updated during the succeeding stages to fine-tune the response to the perceived project risks.