Project Construction Stage

The transition from planning to execution is by no means an easy task. We make it possible through rigorous focus on the approaches, method statements, detailed planning, and day to day monitoring of activities at site. Our focus is to ensure that all operations are carried out to the required standards of quality within the time-frames set and also, are in the proper sequence.

The site activities are monitored by a proper allocation of work responsibilities among the construction project management staff befitting their expertise and experience. The focus is on anticipating and preventing possible hindrances and taking timely action to remove the roadblocks to quality, schedule and safety. Of course, all along, the team works towards optimizing cost and provide value additions to prevent time and cost overruns. The available standard operating procedures aid the manager in keeping track of the happenings on site. Progress so monitored, is regularly updated and communicated to the client and the stakeholders to keep everyone on par with the activities on site.

The construction manager works to maintain a spirit of harmony and teamwork not only among his own staff but also, among all the stakeholders thus ensuring smooth and timely execution with feasible solutions for day to day challenges on site.