“SuperVision”- The Power we picked up from the Land of Krypton

“Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others” – Jonathan Swift

Project Management addresses three aspects of a project i.e. Time, Cost and Quality (along with safety). Every sector, in business, needs a constructed facility – be it Manufacturing, Healthcare, Hospitality, Information Technology, Infrastructure or Realty. Each construction project is unique. One cannot have a ‘One Size Fits All’ process to solve and manage these unique projects. Each one of the construction project involve the 4Ms, i.e. Men, Machinery Material and Money. Every business entity which needs to embark on the journey of growth, needs to manage these 4Ms.

Thus comes the importance of Project Management Consultancy for Construction. Once viewed upon as an additional cost to the project, now has become the epicentre to manage and deliver a successful Construction Project On-Time, On-Cost and On-Quality.

ANP has been a pioneer in providing Construction Project Management Consulting (CPMC) as a service to the construction industry for over three decades. Working on a variety of projects across sectors has given them great insights about CPMC and its various nuances be it operations or business.

The evolution of CPMC over the last thirty years has taught ANP the importance of optimally managing Men, Machinery, Material and Money along with a host of other processes. At ANP, each project is largely divided into four phases viz. “CDEF” which is the ABC of CPMC. The acronym CDEF stands for Concept, Design, Execution and Finishing. Every facet of the CDEF phase is subjected to the lens of keen super vision and scrutiny. At every stage of project life cycle, the principles of pro-activeness and creating a win-win situation is necessary keeping in mind customers’ requirements. ANP has refined their Construction Project Management process to deliver excellence to clients. They understand the problem at hand and define the path that will lead to desired goals.

ANP oversees the whole project and all its aspects, right from Concept to Finishing while giving importance to the 4Ms of Construction Project Management. Their years in CPMC has taught ANP to look beyond the existing boundaries. Just like how the ‘Son of Krypton’ uses his super vision to look beyond the obvious and analyse the situation, ANP uses their ‘SuperVision’ to perceive impending pitfalls, foresee industry trends, undermine risks, and safely steer projects to successful havens.

To manage such kind of unique projects, it requires expertise and adept knowledge in the construction industry. The use of ‘SuperVision’ ensures an increased improvement in the efficiency and outcome of a project.

Just like how an eagle has an unhindered view of its target from the highest vantage point and at the same time, the entire landscape, ANP sees each facet of the project lifecycle. ANP uses its ‘SuperVision’ to never lose sight of the whole picture, while still being able to spot those hindrances and pre-empt possible problems that might arise. ‘SuperVision’ enables ANP to connect the dots and ensure a smooth delivery of a project.

ANP strongly believe that to conquer challenges in various projects, one needs ‘SuperVision’ and not just mere Super-vision. Every one of ANP’s associates transform into Superman to use ‘SuperVision’ to ensure that the project handled, is On-Track, On-Time, On-Quality and On-Cost.

This is how ANP does it and they have Supermen to thank for that.

May 7, 2016 / Construction