PMA – Contract Management


It is a known fact that one never manages people or objects, one manages agreements and contracts. As a Construction Manager, we have always focused on managing the contracts for the client and have ensured that the contracts entered are managed both by spirit and to the letter, fairly, and are in line with established practices and laws. The Contract Cell at the center of the organization is headed by senior managers who have handled a number of contracts for the organization and are well versed with laws relating to contracts and their interpretation – both, technically and legally. The focus on contract management starts with the focus on carving the contracts in line with the requirements of the client and laws. Also, it is in consonance with the capabilities of the contractors, to ensure smooth functioning of the contracts. Throughout the life cycle of the project, our managers constantly and consistently apply the principles of law and established standard practices to be fair in operating the contracts. Consequently, we have a very good record of minimal arbitration and even less litigation in managing these contracts, thus leading to timely and cost-effective implementation of the contracts in a practical manner.